Ti Revolution Balisong - Pre-order

Ti Revolution Balisong - Pre-order

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This is a pre-order for a TI Revolution Balisong.  This is a non-refundable pre-order (unless I am unable to manufacture the knife for you.) This cost will be reduced from the final total of the knife. 

You can pre-order 1 of each knife, but not more than that. I will cancel any subsequent orders.

The final price for a standard Ti Revolution Balisong (no mods) will be $750. If you do not elect to add any mods, your final payment when the knife is finished will be $550 ($750 - $200 preorder) (+tax if you live in KS.) 

After your purchase is made, I will email you with a list of available options for mods.  If you decide to choose any of the mods, you will need to fill out a form and I will ask for a detailed description of what you would like done to the knife. I'll generate a quote and email it to you to go over and make any changes.

When all is agreed on, I will provide to you a purchase order with any mods and prices listed and a final total including shipping/tax (if applicable)/etc.

You will receive an email when the production of your knife begins and when it is nearing completion.  I will provide pictures of your knife along with an invoice and payment options.  

Once payment is received, I will ship the knife out in 2 business days and will email you tracking number/etc.

You can follow along with the builds and get more info on Instagram: @Palethius